Used Action Products Mattress Overlay with Hitch

Action Products (Model: 6303H)
List Price: $649.00
Sale: $199.00

Pre-Owned Akton Mattress Overlay from Action Products in Great Condition. This Mattress Overlay uses Akton Polymers which does not migrate like Gel Overlays. This Mattress Overlay provides only a 5/8 inch of height elevation which increases stability during transfers. The Akton Mattress Overlay is resistant to stains & liquids, which makes it very easy to clean & maintain.

The Action Products Mattress Overlay 6303H is made of 100% Akton Polymer. These mattress overlays are used to cover the entire surface or isolated areas of an existing standard mattress. Used by hospitals and long term care facilities as a significant component in prevention and treatment of decubitus ulcers. Akton Polymer will not migrate like gels, does not promote bacterial growth, and is ideal for multiple client use. Akton 5/8 inch Full Mattress Overlays provide high pressure and shear reduction that requires no pumps, electricity or special training to use. The 5/8 inch layer of AKTON polymer can be used under clients with existing decubitus ulcers and increases bed surface height only 5/8 inch, providing for independent stable transfers.


  • Fluid Proof
  • Stain Resistant
  • Soft & Flexible
Dimensions 27" x 80" x 5/8" Thick