I-LIVING V8 Foldable Electric Mobility Scooter

(Model: V8)
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Price: $795.00

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Weight Capacity Weight Maximum Speed Drive Range
275 lbs. 40 lbs. 3.7 mph 15 miles

iLIVING V8 Foldable Electric Mobility Scooter

Introducing the iLIVING V8 Foldable Electric Mobility Scooter, your ticket to freedom and flexibility. At Open Box Medical, we have a stellar deal on this reliable and versatile mobility solution. Don't miss out on the chance to regain your independence with this top-notch electric scooter.

Key Features:

Foldable Design:

The iLIVING V8 boasts a smart and convenient foldable design, making it easy to transport and store. Effortlessly fold and unfold the scooter in seconds, allowing you to take it anywhere you go.

Compact and Lightweight:

Weighing in at just [insert weight], this mobility scooter strikes the perfect balance between sturdiness and portability. Navigate through tight spaces with ease and experience hassle-free transportation.

Impressive Range:

Enjoy the freedom to roam with an impressive travel range of 15 miles per charge. Whether you're running errands or exploring your neighborhood, the iLIVING V8 has the endurance to keep up with your lifestyle.

User-Friendly Controls:

The intuitive controls make operating the iLIVING V8 a breeze. Whether you're a seasoned scooter user or a first-timer, you'll appreciate the straightforward interface that enhances your overall experience.

Seat Dimensions: 18.5 X 17.5 x 13.5 Inch (WxDxH)

Folded Dimensions : 17.6" (L) x 17.4" (W) x 30.7" (H)

Weight: 40 lbs. with battery

Weight Capacity: 275 lbs.

Drive Range: 15 miles

Ground Clearance: 9 inches

Battery Weight: 2.2 lbs.

Battery Type: Lithium-ion

Battery Charger: AC100-240V

Battery Voltage: DC 42V

Tiller: Height and Angle adjustable

Turning Radius: 52.7 inches

Motor: 140W

Drive System: Front wheel drive with freewheel option

Braking System: Intelligent regenerative electromagnetic

Frame Structure: Aircraft-grade aluminum

Height: 33.2 inches from the ground

Number of Wheels: 3

Wheel Size:  8" (front) and 7" (rear)

Maximum Incline: Up to 8°

Maximum Speed: 3.7 mph

Minimum Speed: 1.8 mph

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