Joerns DermaFloat LAL Alternating Pressure Low-Air-Loss Mattress

Joerns (Model: DFAPL_02)
List Price: $5,698.00
Price: $800.00

Pre-owned Joerns DermaFloat APL Alternating Pressure Low-Air-Loss Mattress. The DermaFloat® APL is a unique therapy system that provides pressure redistribution by alternating pressure between adjacent (A-B) air cells. The DermaFloat APL also offers low air loss therapy through an integrated air delivery system beneath the therapy pad.

Joerns DermaFloat LAL Features:

  • True low air loss wicks away moisture to prevent skin maceration
  • Twenty individual cells help to evenly distribute resident’s weight and maximize pressure redistribution
  • Low shear and low friction therapy pad is treated with an antibacterial and antifungal agent and is fluid proof and moisture vapor permeable
  • 2" lower safety mattress for resident transport and power failure; stays inflated for up to 12 hours to prevent bottoming out
  • CairRails risk management side air bolsters
  • 3 operation modes: Autofirm, Therapy and Pulsate
  • CPR quick deflation

Joerns DermaFloat APL Alternating Pressure Low-Air-Loss Mattress

Standard Length 80" 
Standard Width 36"
Standard Height 8"
Therapeutic Patient Weight Limit 350 lbs.
Weight 30 lbs.