Liko Sabina 200 Electric Sit-To-Stand Lift

Hill-Rom (Model: sabina_200)
List Price: $4,535.00
Price: $1,995.00

This is pre-owned Liko Sabina 200 Electric Sit-to-Stand Lift in Great condition. Liko Sabina 200 sit-to-stand power patient lift is especially designed for people who have difficulty in standing up on their own from a seated position.

Liko Sabina 200 Electric Sit-To-Stand Lift

Liko Sabina 200 Electric Lift is a sit-to-stand lift. Just like our popular Sabina II, its raising motion has the anchor point close to the patient. This provides for safe, secure and comfortable raising.

Several different sit-to-stand vests can be used with Liko Sabina 200, so that lifting can be adapted to the patient’s needs. Furthermore, the Liko Sabina 200 offers several settings, in order to enable the most comfortable and smooth lift possible. For instance, the lift mast can be set to three different heights.

Sabina is used for standing practice or for transfers from sitting to sitting, for instance, from a bed to a chair or for hygiene transfers.

Sabina 200 is intended for use with patients who are able to actively participate in the raising motion. When standing, they can be moved to a wheelchair or to a toilet; this gives them standing practice in connection with the transfer.

Max. Load:  350 lbs.

Liko Sabina 200 Electric Sit-To-Stand Lift

Weight: 93 lbs
Weight Capacity: 350 lbs
Lifting Range: 41.3" to 68.9"
Powered Base: Yes
Base Width Open: 44"
Base Width Closed: 27.5" 
Base Length: 45.6" 
Base Height: 4.1" 
Overall Height: 41.3"
Clearance: 4.1"
Ground Clearance: 1" 
Caster Size (front): 2.9"
Caster Size (back): 2.9"
Sling Types: 2-Point Sling
Standing Sling
Battery: 12V2.9AH

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