Permobil C350 Corpus 3G Power Wheelchair

Permobil (Model: corpus_3g)
List Price: $27,557.00
Sale: $2,295.00

This is used Permobil C350 Corpus 3G Power Wheelchair in Great Condition. This Permobil C 350 is fully loaded with Power Seat Elevator, Power Tilt, Power Recline and Power Elevating Legrests. The rear wheel drive also gives great driving performance at higher speeds outdoors.

Permobil C350 Corpus 3G Power Wheelchair

Permobil C350 Corpus 3G is a compact wheelchair with an incredible turning circle inviting you to make tight curves in small spaces. Featuring a rear-wheel drive power base and speed package of 6.5 MPH, the C350 can easily keep pace with your busy lifestyle, especially outdoors. The C350 blends form and function making it an ideal blueprint for mobility. Paired with our innovative Corpus 3G seating system, the C350 is ideal for getting you where you want to go, both quickly and comfortably while maintaining the quality of design expected from Permobil.

  • 3G Corpus
  • Power Seat Elevator 8"
  • 50° Power Tilt
  • Power Recline Up to 150°
  • Adjustable Headrest
  • Fold-Up Armrests

Permobil C350 Corpus 3G Power Wheelchair

Brand Permobil
Weight Capacity 300 Lbs.
Overall Length 36"
Overall Width 25"
Power Seat Elevator 8"
Power Tilt 50°
Power Recline Up to 150°
Power Elevating Legrests Yes
Seat Widths 17"
Seat Depth 19"
Seat To Floor Height w/Tilt 18.25"
Turning Radius 26"
Maximum Speed 6.5 MPH, High Speed Motor
Range Per Charge Up to 15 Miles

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