TiLite Aero X Ultra-lightweight Folding Wheelchair

TiLite (Model: aero-x-2)
List Price: $4,485.00
Price: $1,999.00
What's Included
FULL Manufacturer Warranty (Minus Wear and Tear)
Flip-Up Footrests
Pneumatic Tires
Quick Release Wheels
Fold-Down Push Handles

This Open Box TiLite Aero X is in BRAND NEW condition. With a 16" wide seat and 20" seat this chair can hold up to 265lbs. This wheelchair comes apart and folds up for easy transportation and is great for daily use. Comes equipt with Swing Away Footrests, Fold-Down Push Handles, Pneumatic Wheels and MUCH MORE!

BRAND NEW TiLite Aero X. This unit was manufactured in October 2018. It features a lightweight frame at lbs.


  • Depth and Angle Adjustable Flip-Up Footrests
  • Integrated Fold-Down Push Handles
  • Folding Adjustable Height and Angle Sling Back
  • Tension Adjustable Back by Straps
  • Push to Lock Wheel Locks
  • 5"x1.5" Soft Roll Front Casters
  • 24" TiLite Shadow Rear Wheels
  • Schwabe Marathon Plus Evolution Tires
  • Black Anodized Aluminum Handrims w/ Long Tabs
  • Removable Height Adjustable Desk Arm Rest w/ Rigid Side Guard 
  • 14" Arm Pad
  • Push Button Buckle Seat Belt
  • Velcro Calf Strap
  • Aluminum ANti Tippers
  • Black Neoprene Impact Guards
Model AEAXFS1 Aero X
Front End AEXFS1 Swing Away
Frame Finish AEXFF19 Black Lava
Seat Width AEXSW1 16"
Seat Depth AEXSD2 20"
Front Seat Height AEXFSH1 18.5"
Rear Seat Height AEXRSH2 17"
Front Angle AEXFA3 85 Degrees
Footrest Type AEXFTR10 Depth and Angle Adjustable Flip-Up
Seat to Footrest 16.5"
Seat Back Type AEXSB18 Folding Adjustable Angle and Height
Push Handles AEXSB7 Integrated Fold Down
Seat Back Height 16"-19" (Medium)
Set Back Height 17"
Camber AEXCBR1 2 degrees
Front Wheels AEXFW28 5"x1.5" LiteSpeed Plastic Wheel w/ Soft Roll Tire
Front Forks AEXFK1 TiLite Standard
Rear Wheels AEXRW14 24" (540) TiLite Shadow™
Axles AEXAXL1 Stainless Quick Release
Rear Tires AEXRTR8 Schwalbe® Marathon Plus Evolution (pneumatic)
Handrims AEXRIM21 Aluminum - Black Anodized
Tab Length AEXRIM7 Long Tabs
Wheel Locks AEXWLK7 O-F Composite Push to Lock
Back Upholstery AEXBUP3 Padded Nylon - Tension Adjustable By Straps
Seat Upholstery AEXSUP4 Tension Adjustable
Armrests AEXARM2 Removable Height Adjustable Desk Arm w/ Rigid Side Guard 9"-12" w/ 14" Pad
Seat Belt AEXBLT5 Bodypoint® 1.5" Wide Push-Button Buckle Padded (Auto-Style)
Calf Strap AEXCLF3 Bodypoint® Padded Velcro Adjustble Large
Anti-Tips AEXTIP1 Rear Aluminum
Neoprene Impact Guards AEXMPCT2 Black

30-Day Warranty From Open Box Medical

If for some reason you are encountering problems with the medical equipment you purchased, you must first contact us by calling (818) 896-8772. If the purchased item is being used within our service area, we will schedule an appointment to send out a repair technician as soon as possible to diagnose the issue, and determine whether it can be fixed or not. If the item is not in our service area, depending on the location, we will either be able to send out a repair technician or have you ship the item back to us. The warranty is void if the item's ownership is transferred to a new owner, damaged due to misuse, accident, normal wear and tear, or if the equipment is used in any way that would void the original warranty offered by the manufacturer. For more information about our warranty, please contact us by calling (818) 896-8772 during our normal business hours.