TiLite Aero X With E-Fix E25 Power Assist Wheels

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TiLite Aero X With E-Fix E25 Power Assist Wheels

The e-fix is a power assist unit for wheelchairs that allows for motorized propulsion. It can convert almost any wheelchair into a motorized wheelchair which will allow you to cover long distances quickly and easily without needing to buy a power chair. Unlike a power chair, a wheelchair with an e-fix conversion remains highly portable and foldable. Conversion is easy; swap in the hub motored drive wheels then install the battery pack and control unit. Almost all current manual wheelchairs on the market can be retrofitted with the e-fix and the wheelchair still remains foldable.

Why Convert Your Wheelchair

Keep the wheelchair in which you are comfortable. With the e-fix, you can adapt your wheelchair to your environment. E-fix power drives can help you get over rough terrain or long distances with ease and switch back to manual mode whenever you want. Upgrade the wheelchair you know and keep the lifestyle you want.

Power chairs can be an extra expense that is not utilized especially when transitions between manual and motorized propulsion are wanted. If you own a sport wheelchair you may want a power assist on the chair to get you through long commutes after a game. With the e-fix, you'll still be able to switch back to manual mode quickly.

If your institution has riders that need to self-propel and those who need manual then the e-fix can accommodate both by easily switching between the two modes. A power-assisted wheelchair can help make rider's lives easier.

There is no need for a heavy, bulky power wheelchair. E-fix allows you to have a lightweight power wheelchair that is easy to manage and transport. All of the parts are lightweight and make this a great chair for caretakers who have to take a wheelchair in and out of a car.

Features of the E-Fix Power Drive

  • Drive Wheels
    • Multiple size: 24"
    • The Hub wheel contains the motor, brakes, clutch, and gears
    • Quick-release wheels can be disengaged for manual propulsion
  • Joystick Control Unit
    • The control dial adjusts the speed
    • Back-lit LCD display shows battery capacity and diagnostic codes
    • 14 programmable parameters - key activated, no separate programmer needed
  • Battery Charger
    • Automatic charge and loads electronics
    • Control indicator lights
    • Automatically adapts to different input voltages
  • Battery Pack
  • About 10-15 miles per charge depending on model, terrain, and weight of occupant
  • Easy to remove. Two mounting options available: metal tray or Velcro pouch
  • Durable plastic housing with integrated carry handle
  • Brackets and Power Interface Unit
    • Brackets are available for almost any wheelchair and are fairly easy to install
    • Power is connected when the wheel is plugged into axle-mounte brackets
    • The power interface unit is integrated into the battery pack
    Technical data: TiLite Aero X S2

    Seat Width

    Seat Depth 18"
    Front Seat Height 19"
    Rear Seat Height 17.5"
    Seat Back Fixed Angle, Adjustable Height
    Camber 0
    Front Angle  80 Degree
    Seat to Footrest  17"
    Axles Stainless Quick Release
    Cushion 2"
    Technical data: E25

    Battery pack

    2 x 12 V; 12 Ah
    Battery charger (input) 90 - 240 V AC
    Battery charger (output) 29 V DC
    Operating voltage 24 V
    Speed 1-3.5 mph
    Motor rating 2 x 110 W
    Climbing capability restricted to wheelchair model
    Range per single charge  up to 9.95 miles
    Wheel dimensions 24"
    max. permitted total weight 374 lb

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