Oxygen Concentrators

Open Box Medical specializes in used oxygen concentrators. For many of us, breathing in oxygen is so easy that we don’t even realize we’re doing it! However, for those with respiratory problems, such as COPD and emphysema, breathing can cause massive distress to the individual. Oxygen supply is a priority for Open Box Medical, hence why we provide used portable oxygen concentrators at low and affordable prices. Oxygen Concentrators are machines that filter regular room air and convert it from the average 21% oxygen to nearly 95% oxygen, increasing and improving your overall oxygenation.

In addition to used oxygen concentrators, Open Box Medical carries refurbished Open Box, and new oxygen concentrators. Regardless of the whether our Oxygen Concentrators are used, refurbished, or Open Box, we don’t sell anything unless it is thoroughly inspected by one of our highly skilled technicians. Open Box Medical offers a minimum of 30-day Warranty on all our Oxygen Concentrators.

Used Invacare Perfecto2 V Oxygen Concentrator

MSRP: $ 836.00
Price: $349.00

Refurbished Philips Respironics EverFlo Q Oxygen Concentrator

Refurbished EverFlo Q Oxygen Concentrator from Philips Respironics in Great Condition. This Oxygen Concentrator operates at ultra-quiet levels, is durable, and very low maintenance to reduce service costs. This EverFlo Q is easily transportable at only 31 pounds, which makes it easy to take with you for travel.

MSRP: $ 1295.00
Price: $479.00
On Sale! In Stock

Used Respironics Millennium M10 Oxygen Concentrator

MSRP: $ 1339.00
Price: $899.00

Used Respironics SimplyGo Oxygen Concentrator

Pre-Owned SimplyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator from Philips Respironics in Like-New Condition. This Unit has only been operated for 8 hours total. This Oxygen Concentrator can provide continuous flow & pulse flow, and only weighs 10 lbs making it easy to use when traveling. The SimplyGo Oxygen Concentrator is capable of being used as your primary oxygen concentrator at home & portable for travel. Comes with 2 Batteries + Cart.

MSRP: $ 4095.00
Price: $1399.00

New SeQual Eclipse 5 With AutoSAT Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Brand New Open Box SeQual Eclipse 5 With AutoSAT Portable Oxygen Concentrator, Never Used. This Portable Oxygen Concentrator is capable of 3 LPM continuous flow oxygen, & has pulse settings from 1 to 6 LPM. Total weight of just 17 lbs with battery makes this a perfect choice for users on the go.

MSRP: $ 4049.00
Price: $1995.00
In Stock

New O2 Concepts Oxlife Independence Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Brand New Open Box Oxlife Independence Portable Oxygen Concentrator from O2 Concepts, Never Used. This High-end Portable Oxygen Concentrator easily fits in your car for travel, and is approved for use on airplanes. This durable Oxygen Concentrator features a LCD screen, and comes with a battery, charger, carry handle & More!

MSRP: $ 3529.00
Price: $2295.00
In Stock

Types of Oxygen Concentrators

In-Home Stationary Oxygen Concentrator

  • Plugs into a wall electric outlet
  • May be used in home, hospital, and nursing home settings
  • Provides a continuous flow of oxygen
  • Operating flow may range from 5-10 liters per minute

Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC)

  • Battery powered
  • Great for people who like to spend time outdoors
  • May also be used indoors with a power cord
Continuous Flow Oxygen Concentrators
  • Produces continuous amount of oxygen nonstop
Pulse Flow or Dose Oxygen Machines
  • Only produces oxygen when the user inhales. When exhaling, the machine rests.
  • Has a built in oxygen conserver