Patient Lifts

Hoyer HML400 Manual Patient Lift by Joerns (Model: HML400)
ASK FOR AVAILABILITY. This is Hoyer HML400 Manual Patient Lift in great condition. Our most popular Homecare lift, The HML400 has an ergonomically placed hydraulic pump for ease of use. FREE sling included.
List Price: $1,099.00
Weight Weight Capacity Lifts Patient From Floor Lifting Range Warranty
57 lbs 330 lbs Yes 10.6" - 66.1" 30 Day Warranty
Etac Molift Smart 150 Portable Patient Lift (Model: Smart150_USED)
This is a USED Smart 150 in Good condition. Includes charger and battery.
List Price: $4,395.00
Molift Smart 150 (Model: Molift. Smart. 150 .)
Open Box condition. Never Used. The Molift Smart 150 Patient Lift by Etac is a portable solution for homecare and travel. This lightweight model can be easily folded and wheeled anywhere without using any tools.
Molift Mover 205 Electric Patient Lift With Power Base (Model: mover_205)
Pre-Owned Molift Mover Molift Mover 205 Electric Patient Lift With Power Base Excellent Condition. Molift Mover 205 patient lift is a workhorse for frequent and everyday use. Molift Mover 205 is a flexible all-round mobile passive lift for all lifting and transfer situations in nursing, institutional and hospital settings. Comes with an Extra Battery, Extra Push Bar and a Charger.
List Price: $5,070.00
Invacare 9805P Manual Patient Lift by Invacare (Model: 9805p)
The Pre-Owned Invacare 9805P has a slim design, as these hydraulic lifts are versatile enough to use for most any and all patient transfers.
List Price: $759.00
Base Width Base Length Weight Capacity
30.5" (Closed) - 21" (Open) 41" 400 lbs.
Bestcare Genesis 400 Hydraulic by Bestcare (Model: PL400H)
The Genesis 400 is a robust, cheap lift with great versatility, as it is the only hydraulic lift that can convert to an electric lift.
Hi-Fortune Electric Patient Lift (Model: hi-fortune-electric-lift)
Like new condition, Includes new batteries. Units have never been used.
Bestcare Car Transfer CT350 by Bestcare (Model: bestcare-car-transfer)
The BestLift PL350CT is the perfect solution for car transfers and your everyday transfer needs. Sling included
Invacare Reliant 450 Low Base Electric Patient Lift by Invacare (Model: RPL450-1)
Open Box Invacare Reliant 450 Battery Powered Patient Lift in Brand New Condition. The High Lift range of this patient lift allows easy access to wheelchairs, commodes, beds & floors. The batteries are easy to remove & recharge, and the patient lift has a lifting weight capacity of 450 lbs.
List Price: $3,020.00
Molift Smart 150 (Model: molift-smart-150)
The Molift Smart 150 Patient Lift by Etac is a portable solution for homecare and travel. This lightweight model can be easily folded and wheeled anywhere without using any tools.

Patient lifts are a necessity for anyone who cares for a homebound patient who can no longer stand up from a seat or commode on their own. A patient lift is a device that helps people to get up from a seated position so they can walk or be moved. This creates a more pleasant experience for the patient and encourages them to get up more often. It also is safer for the caregiver by reducing the risks of muscle strain and injury associated with lifting and moving patients.

Open Box Medical can help you to save big when you are purchasing a patient lift for someone under your care. We have one of the largest selections of open box and used patient lifts for sale through our website and at our Southern California showroom. All of our products have been cleaned and tested by our crack staff of trained technicians. We make sure that all of the used patient lifts we sell meet our customers’ expectations of quality.

Select from a wide range of patient lifts we have available for purchase. This includes manual patient lifts and motorized patient lifts, which provide the easiest and most convenient service for patients and caregivers. One of the advantages of buying from Open Box Medical is that you have access to professionals who can work with you to make sure you purchase the right product for your needs. Visit us and we can explore all of your options.

Along with patient lifts, we also carry an assortment of accessories including patient lift slings. You choose from several materials including mesh, fabric and polyester. We also carry specialty patient slings with commode openings or head supports. Whatever type of sling you need, there’s a good chance that we have it and at a price you can afford.

There’s no reason that caregivers should be put under extra strain and at risk for injury by having to lift patients. Using a patient sling is better for the patient and better for the caregiver. Contact us or come see us to find out which type of patient sling is right for you.

Types of Patient Lifts

Power Electric Patient Lift - Electric patient lifts are battery powered to control lift functionality.

Manual / Hydraulic Patient Lift - It is manually operated by using a hand pump to control lift functionality and hydraulic cylinder.

Low Base Patient Lift - It is referred to the base of the patient lift which usually has 4 to 5 inches height making the lift base to achieve more clearance under low beds and chairs.

Types of Slings

Universal Sling U-Sling - U-Sling is used most commonly for patient transfer purposes. Universal Sling can be used as a multi-purpose sling. It can provide toileting access, good back support and thigh support. The U-Sling comes with hip, leg and shoulder straps.

Full Body Sling - Full Body Sling is an easy sling to use when transferring a patient from bed the bed to the wheelchair. Use the Full Body Sling for patients who are dependent, partially dependent or very heavy or have limited head control.

Commode Opening Slings - Slings that have Commode Opening is mostly used for patients to move from bed or wheelchair to the toilet for accommodate toileting. Comes with 4 point strap hook up. Comes in different sizes and materials.