Patient Lifts

Lifting Range Base Height Base Width Open Base Width Closed
17" - 61" 6.5" 42" 22.5"
Drive Medical Hydraulic Patient Lift by Drive Medical (Model: 13023SV)
Used. Stock#274
Weight Capacity Weight Base Width Open Base Width Closed
450 lbs. 72 lbs. 42" 22.5"
Drive Medical Hydraulic Manual Patient Lift by Drive Medical (Model: Drive-Manual-Lift)
Used. Stock#247
Hoyer HML400 Manual Patient Lift by Joerns (Model: HML400)
Used. Stock#166
List Price: $1,099.00
Weight Capacity Frame Width Frame Length Frame Height (without arm prompt)
75 lbs. 22" 26" 22"
Rifton Pediatric Gait Trainer (Model: Gait-Trainer)
Used. Stock#259
Max Lifting Capacity Product Weight Width (legs open) Width (leg closed)
395 lbs. 70 lbs 40" 26"
Etac Molift Mover 180 Electric Patient Lift (Model: Mover-180)
Used. Stock#315
Weight Capacity Width Chassis, Legs Open Inner Width Chassis, Outer Length
452 lbs. 41.93" 27.17" 50.59"
Etac Molift Mover 205 Electric Patient Lift (Model: Mover-205)
Used. Stock#314

Why Choose Open Box Medical for Your Patient Lift Needs?

Open Box Medical offers significant savings on patient lifts. Our extensive selection includes both used and open box patient lift models available through our website and Southern California showroom. Our skilled technicians thoroughly clean and test each product, ensuring all used patient lifts meet our high standards of quality.

Our inventory encompasses a variety of patient lifts, including manual and motorized options, to ensure ease and convenience for both patients and caregivers. At Open Box Medical, we pride ourselves on providing expert guidance to ensure you select the ideal product for your specific needs. We invite you to visit us and explore your options.

What are Patient Lifts?

Patient lifts are essential for caregivers tending to homebound patients who are unable to independently stand from a seat or commode. These devices assist in transitioning from a seated position, enabling movement or walking. They enhance patient comfort and motivate more frequent movement, while also safeguarding caregivers against muscle strain and injuries related to lifting and moving patients.

Types of Patient Lifts:

Power Electric Patient Lift

These lifts, powered by batteries, offer controlled lift functionality.

Manual/Hydraulic Patient Lift

Operated manually using a hand pump, these lifts employ a hydraulic cylinder for controlled lifting.

Low Base Patient Lift

Designed with a base height of 4 to 5 inches, these lifts are ideal for clearance under low beds and chairs.

What are Patient Lift Slings?

In addition to patient lifts, we offer a range of accessories like patient lift slings, available in various materials such as mesh, fabric, and polyester. We also specialize in slings with features like commode openings or head supports, catering to a wide array of needs at affordable prices.

Caregivers shouldn't endure unnecessary strain or risk injury from lifting patients. Utilizing a patient sling is advantageous for both patient and caregiver. Reach out to us or visit our location to discover the patient sling that best suits your requirements.

Types of Slings:

Universal Sling U-Sling

Commonly used for patient transfers, the U-Sling serves as a multi-purpose sling providing toileting access, and back, and thigh support. It includes hip, leg, and shoulder straps.

Full Body Sling

Ideal for transferring patients from bed to wheelchair, this sling suits patients who are dependent, partially dependent, heavy, or have limited head control.

Commode Opening Slings

These slings, designed for transferring patients for toileting purposes, are equipped with a 4-point strap hook-up and come in various sizes and materials.