Pediatric Wheelchairs & Strollers

Used Drive Viper Plus Pediatric Wheelchair by Drive Medical (Model: PL412RBDDA)
This Pre-Owned Drive Viper Plus is in Great Condition. This Pediatric Wheelchair is constructed from a carbon steel frame, and comes equipped with adjustable padded arms, height adjustable back, anti tippers, & More!
List Price: $1,027.00
Sunrise Quickie 2 Lightweight Wheelchair by Sunrise Medical (Model: Quickie-2-AADL)
Pre-Owned Quickie 2 from Sunrise Medical in Great Condition. This Quickie 2 has a Seat Depth & Frame Width of 13", which makes this Lightweight Wheelchair a great option for an adolescent user. Weight capacity of up to 265 lbs. Full list of upgrades & options in description!
List Price: $4,140.00
Sunrise Medical Zippie Zone Ultralight Manual Wheelchair (Model: zippie)
Pre-Owned Sunrise Medical Zippie Zone Ultralight Manual Wheelchair in great condition. The Zippie Zone is an innovative, ultra lightweight, and option-rich pediatric rigid frame wheelchair that is perfect for active kids and teens. Designed for the unique needs of kids, the Zone offers numerous growth options and provides the greatest wheel access for independent mobility.
List Price: $2,459.00
Zippie Zone Pediatric Wheelchair by Sunrise Medical (Model: Zippie_Zone_Ped1)
Pre-Owned Zippie Zone Pediatric wheelchair in great condition with many upgraded features. Comes with 2 sets of hand rails, adjustable armrests/footrest, extended hand brakes and more.
List Price: $3,500.00
Zippie Zone Ultralight Pediatric Wheelchair by Sunrise Medical (Model: Zippie-Zone)
Demo Model Zippie Zone Ultralight wheelchair in excellent condition. The Zippie Zone is an innovative, ultralight Weight for kids. Designed to meet all the unique needs for kids and offers numerous growth options to grow alongside the user.
List Price: $6,000.00
Freedom SP3 Pediatric Wheelchair (Model: Freedom_SP3)
Pre-Owned Freedom SP3 Pediatric Wheelchair in excellent condition. It features full breakability, allowing it to be broken up into smaller pieces and easily transported into a car or wherever you need to go.
Invacare Pediatric MyOn Jr Growable Wheelchair by Invacare (Model: Invacare_Pediatric_MyOn)
Manufacturer's Demo Invacare MyOn Junior Ultralight Folding Wheelchair. Invacare MyOn Junior Ultra Lightweight Folding Wheelchair provides essential adjustments to children for their specific needs. It has been developed to match the individual needs of a child and can grow as they grow. It offers a large range of options to accompany the child in their development and to provide the necessary clinical support.
List Price: $2,500.00
Permobil C300 Pediatric Power Wheelchair With Power Tilt by Permobil (Model: c_300)
Discover the exceptional Pre-Owned C300 Pediatric Power Wheelchair from Permobil, meticulously maintained and offered in great condition. Designed with a compact frame, this power wheelchair excels in maneuvering through tighter spaces, while still ensuring its viability for outdoor use. Embrace the comfort, reliability, and exceptional performance of the C300 Pediatric Power Wheelchair, designed to enhance mobility and empower young users.
List Price: $11,859.00
PDG Fuze T50 Junior Manual Tilt In Space Wheelchair by PDG Mobility (Model: pdg_t50)
This is a Manufacturer's Demo unit PDG Fuze T50 Manual Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair. Fuze T50 junior wheelchair features 50° of effortless tilt and has weight capacity up to 250 lbs. The chair can be adjusted from 12" width to 15" width that grows with ease.
List Price: $4,859.00
Invacare 9000 Jymni Pediatric Wheelchair (Model: jymni_9000)
Pre-owned Invacare 9000 Jymni Pediatric Wheelchair in like New condition. The Invacare 9000 Jymni Pediatric Wheelchair is a versatile, maneuverable wheelchair designed to offer smaller children a greater variety of options to suit their needs. The ergonomic stroller handles and carbon steel frame are long-lasting and durable.
List Price: $836.00
Drive Viper Plus Pediatric Full Reclining Wheelchair by Drive Medical (Model: viper_plus)
Pre-Owned Viper Plus Pediatric Full Reclining Wheelchair in Excellent Condition. Drive Viper Plus Pediatric High Strength Lightweight Full Reclining Wheelchair comes with elevating leg rests. Its nylon, padded armrests provide added patient comfort, and feature the flip-back style for easy transfers. Offset rear wheel position adds additional stability and equally distributes the patients weight while in the various reclining positions.
List Price: $825.00
Zippie Zone Pediatric Rigid Manual Wheelchair by Sunrise Medical (Model: EIRZ1)
This Pre-Owned Zippie Zone Childrens Rigid wheelchair is in great condition. Comes equipped with a lightweight Jay Zip Back which is designed to provide posterior and mild lateral thoracic wheelchair seating support for active kids.
List Price: $3,185.00
Golden Alante Jr. Power Wheelchair by Golden Technologies (Model: GP 200)
Pre-Owned Golden Alante Jr. Power Wheelchair in excellent condition. The Alante has a tight turning radius and small footprint for superb maneuvering in tight spaces. It's overall width of 23" with the 27" turning radius enable it to virtually turn-in-place. The Alante Jr. features a compact base designed to maneuver easily indoors.
List Price: $1,959.00