Permobil F5

Permobil (Model: permobil-f5)
Price: $24,995.00

Pre-Owned Permobil F5 Corpus Standing Power Wheelchair in pre-owned condition. This is the highest-end power chair on the market today. This unit allows the user to be raised into a standing position and can still drive the unit. The Permobil F5 has a 14" electric seat Lift, Electric tilt, Electric Recline, Electric legs, Electric Anterior Tilt, and the Standing Feature. The chair is fully customizable and can be tailored to the customer's needs. Cushion NOT included.

Permobil F5 Corpus Standing Power Wheelchair

Permobil F5 Corpus standing wheelchair features an innovative new way of standing, allowing you to choose from two positions, Sit-to-stand or Lay-to-stand. Giving you greater independence and freedom, the F5 Corpus features fully independent suspension and automatic, self-adjusting support wheels, providing a new level of comfort and stability, especially when you stand and drive, indoor or outdoor. F5 Corpus is an addition to many small, smart improvements that make the new F5 Corpus an ideal wheelchair for users with varied requirements. F5 Corpus helps to maintain and improve user mobility, independence, and health by enabling users to reach a little bit further, stand a few minutes longer, endure even tougher challenges and get more out of everyday life.

Redefining Support: The chest bar and knee blocks on the F5 Corpus have been completely redesigned for comfort and accessibility. With features like simplified adjustment points and quick-release mechanisms, utilizing a standing wheelchair has never been easier.

Automatic Anti-tippers: The F5 Corpus, powered anti-tippers are attached directly to the chassis and automatically deploy during the stand sequence, providing the most stable standing platform available, no matter the angle.


  • Fully Independent Suspension
  • Redefining Support
  • Automatic Anti-tippers
  • Lateral Support
  • 7.5 mph
  • 14" Seat Lift
  • Vertical Standing
  • Anterior Tilt
  • Power Tilt
  • Power Recline
  • Power Legs
Maximum User Weight300 lbs
Maximum Speed7.5 mph
RangeUp To 16 Miles

Minimum Turning Radius30”
Ground Clearance3”
Recommended Battery TypeGroup 24
Weight Including Batteries410 lbs
Drive ElectronicsR-Net 120A
Seat-to-Floor Height18"
Seat Elevator14”
Tilt Options0° – 50° Posterior
5º, 10°, 20° & 45° Anterior
 Power Recline Option85° – 175° 
Legrest Angle85° – 170°
Backrest Height22"
Seat Depth20"
Seat Width19.5"

30-Day Warranty From Open Box Medical

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