Power Assist Add on Systems

TiLite Aero X With E-Fix E25 Power Assist Wheels by Alber USA (Model: E25A)
Pre-Owned TiLite Aero X S2 With E-Fix E25 Power Assist Wheels. TiLite’s Aero X Series 2 Aluminum Wheelchair builds on the original Aero X model by combining unmistakable TiLite design elements with the convenience of a folding chair. The E-Fix E25 Allows you to convert your manual wheelchair into a Lightweight Power Wheelchair that is easily disassembled for travel.
List Price: $12,598.00
Quickie 2 Foldable Ultralight Wheelchair With Xtender Power Assist System by Sunrise Medical (Model: quickie_power_assist_system)
Quickie 2 Foldable Ultralight Wheelchair With Quickie Xtender Power Assist System in New condition. The modern Quickie 2 brings advanced aesthetics and technology to the folding ultra lightweight manual wheelchair. 7000 Series Aerospace Aluminum makes the redesigned crossbrace more rigid, stronger, and lighter. The Quickie Xtender electric assist wheelchair accessory expands the range of mobility for manual wheelchair users by adding power assisted wheels to a manual frame. The Xtender increases your travel distance and propulsion efficiency and reduces overall fatigue while allowing you to maintain the look, control, and functionality of a manual wheelchair.
List Price: $13,598.00
SmartDrive MX1 Power Assist System by Max Mobility (Model: MX1)
This open box SmartDrive MX1 is in Excellent condition, and has not been used. This SmartDrive MX1 is the original, first generation version, which is why it has been priced to sell fast. This is the perfect Add-on for an active user who wants to give their upper body a break on long stretches of road, or to help power through tough terrain like carpet or hills.
List Price: $5,455.00
SmartDrive MX2 Power Assist System by Max Mobility (Model: mx2)
This Manufacturer's Demo SmartDrive MX2 Power Assist System is in New Condition, Never been used. SmartDrive is an easy to install attachment for manual wheelchairs that gives that extra boost to make traveling long distances or over thick carpet easy. This SmartDrive comes with PushTracker wristband ( Included in the package. )
List Price: $7,130.00
Twion Basic Wheelchair Power Assist Wheel by Invacare (Model: twion_t24)
Pre-Owned Twion Basic Wheelchair Power Assist Wheel in like New condition. The Twion is made for all active manual wheelchair users, who possess a good upper body stability, adequate coordination of their arm strength and a full hand-/finger. Twion fits almost every standard active wheelchair and provides extra power for each start-up movement to comfortably travel longer distances or easily climb slopes.
List Price: $5,895.00
Open Box SmartDrive MX2+ Power Assist System by Max Mobility (Model: MX2-160)
This SmartDrive is brand new at a reduced price because the box is open. The MX2+ is the NEW model with PushTracker wristband (included in the package).
List Price: $6,655.00
Used Spinergy ZX-1 Power Add-On by Spinergy (Model: ZX-1)
Pre-Owned ZX-1 Power Add-On Assist from Spinergy in Great Condition. Requires no tools to install, plug & play with most wheelchair models. Old Batteries have been replaced with brand new battery cells!
List Price: $7,995.00