Liko Ultra Sling Lift Aid by Hill-Rom (Model: 3506116)
This Patient Lift sling can accommodate users of up to 880 lbs!
List Price: $1,059.00
VersaCare P3200 Hospital Bed by Hill-Rom (Model: P3200)
This is NOT an old refurbished unit that has a lot of wear. This Hill-Rom VersaCare P3200 Hospital Bed is a newer Pre-Owned, but Like-New bed that was manufactured in 2016 and has very minimal wear. This can be an essential piece of equipment for the treatment & prevention of pressure ulcers, especially for high-risk users. Comes with 1 Year Warranty!
List Price: $37,469.00
Hill-Rom CareAssist ES Medical Bed by Hill-Rom (Model: hill_es)
Hill-Rom CareAssist ES. Used with minor scratches. All electronics have been tested and are working properly. Includes Used Hill-Rom NP100 Mattress.
List Price: $14,750.00
Hill-Rom Synergy Air Elite Alternating Low Air Loss Mattress by Hill-Rom (Model: SAE)
ASK FOR AVAILABILITY. The Hill-Rom Synergy Air Elite Mattress is the same air mattress used in most hospitals and facilities across the United States. This mattress is slightly used. The compressor is fully operational and all functions of the mattress work as they should.
List Price: $10,584.00
Hill-Rom HR1000 Bed by Hill-Rom (Model: HR1000)
The Hill-Rom 1000 bed combines patient safety and comfort features in an easy to operate solution engineered to meet medium to low acuity needs.
List Price: $13,939.00
Likorall 200 Lift Motor by Hill-Rom (Model: likorall-200-lift-m)
The Liko FreeSpan SR is a mobile overhead lift rail system that eliminates the need to affix the rails to the walls or ceiling.
Hill-Rom CareAssist ES Medical Bed With Scale by Hill-Rom (Model: hill_romesscale)
Hill-Rom CareAssist ES. The bed is in used condition with some scratches around the frame. The bed has a working patient scale. All electronics have been tested and are working properly. Includes Used Hill-Rom NP100 Mattress.
List Price: $16,000.00
Hill-Rom CareAssist ES Hospital Bed by Hill-Rom (Model: ES100-2)
This is a Pre-Owned, but Like-New Hill-Rom CareAssist ES Hospital Bed in Excellent Condition.
List Price: $19,669.00
Liko SafetyVest Mod. 93 by Hill-Rom (Model: Liko 3593115)
The Liko SafetyVest is a sit-to-stand vest that is designed to lift around the back and under the arms. The inside is lined with a material that is intended to prevent the vest from sliding up on the body
List Price: $250.00
Liko UniversalSling Mod. 000 by Hill-Rom (Model: Liko 35200117)
New, just out of its original box.
List Price: $300.00
Liko Original HighBack Sling, Mod. 200, 210 by Hill-Rom (Model: LIko 35210305)
This is a used Liko Original HighBack Sling in great condition. All Used Slings Have Been Thoroughly Washed, Cleaned, and Sanitized!
Liko OriginalSling with SafetyBelt Mod. 10 by Hill-Rom (Model: Liko 3510117)
Like New Liko OriginalSling in size extra Extra Large.
List Price: $350.00
Hill-Rom P310 Wound Surface Air Mattress by Hill-Rom (Model: p310)
This unit is used and in excellent condition. This unit is available in the standard size, 36"x80", twin XL and comes with the sleeping surface, power cable, and air pump. Suitable for patients up to 350lbs, the p310 comes with, built-in adjustable firmness, caregiver lockout, adjustable time cycle for alternation, and low pressure/ power failure alarms. Excellent for light sleepers, the pump is designed to make the least amount of noise possible.
VersaCare P3200 Hospital Bed w/ Accumax Mattress by Hill-Rom (Model: P3200-Accumax)
Pre-Owned, All components have been tested and cleaned. The unit will include a 3-Month Warranty.
List Price: $37,469.00
Control Unit Height Control Unit Width Control Unit Length
14" 8" 14"
Hill-Rom P500 Therapy Surface Control Unit by Hill-Rom (Model: P500)
Used. Stock#006 *Mattress Not Included*