Liko OriginalSling with SafetyBelt Mod. 10 Extra Large

Hill-Rom (Model: Liko 3510117)
List Price: $350.00
Price: $150.00

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Liko OriginalSling with SafetyBelt

This instruction for use is valid for Liko OriginalSling with SafetyBelt but in the following text we will only use the name Liko OriginalSling . Liko OriginalSling has been designed to facilitate dressing and undressing in connection with lifts to and from the lavatory. Caregivers often experience such lifting operations as heavy and difficult. With OriginalSling , dressing and undressing can be done during the actual lifting operation, thanks to the large opening around the seat of the sling. Experience has shown that OriginalSling also works for patients wearing long trousers or skirts and tights (pantyhose). Liko OriginalSling is easy to apply, even if space around the wheelchair is very limited.

Model No 10
Material Polyester
Weight Capacity 660 lbs.
Size Extra Large

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