Patient Lift Slings

Size Weight Capacity
Medium 250 lbs.
Patient Lift Sling (Model: patient-lift-sling)
Used. Stock#260
Invacare Standing Sling R131 (XL) by Invacare (Model: Invacare_Standing_Sling_R131)
Used. Stock#173
List Price: $235.00
Drive Full Body Patient Sling Size Medium by Drive Medical (Model: Drive_Full_Body_Sling)
Open Box. Brand New. Stock#174
List Price: $105.00
Molift goSling MediumBack Large (Model: Molift 1720140)
Used. Stock#175
List Price: $250.00
Molift Medium Back Rgo Sling (Extra Large) (Model: Molift 1720150)
Used. Stock#176
Size Weight Capacity Material
Medium 560 lbs. Polyester
Guldmann Active Micro Plus Patient Lift Sling (Model: Active-Micro-Plus)
Brand New. Stock#254
Molift goSling MediumBack Medium (Model: Molift 1720130)
Used. Stock#177
List Price: $220.00
Molift goSling MediumBack (Model: Molift 1720340)
Used. Stock#178
Molift goSling MediumBack No1720330 (Model: Molift 1720330)
Used. Stock#179
Liko Universal Highlevel Sling (Medium) by Liko (Model: 35002115)
Used. Stock#180
List Price: $489.00
Liko UniversalSling Mod. 000 by Hill-Rom (Model: Liko 35200117)
Open Box. Stock#181
List Price: $300.00
Liko OriginalSling with SafetyBelt Mod. 10 Extra Large by Hill-Rom (Model: Liko 3510117)
Used. Stock#183
List Price: $350.00
Liko UniversalSling Mod. 000 by Liko (Model: Liko 35200117-1)
Open Box. Stock#184
List Price: $300.00
Liko OriginalSling with SafetyBelt Mod. 10 Large by Liko (Model: Liko 3510117-1)
Used. Stock#185
List Price: $350.00
Liko Universal HighLevel Sling Mod. 02 by Liko (Model: LIko 3502115)
Open Box. Stock#186
List Price: $350.00
Used Hoyer Deluxe Standing Sling (Medium) by Hoyer (Model: NA13500N)
Used. Stock#188
List Price: $337.00

Why Choose Open Box Medical for Your Patient Lift Slings?

At Open Box Medical, we provide top-quality patient lift slings at great prices, along with expert advice to make your choice easy and reliable. Choose us for dependable, budget-friendly solutions in patient care.

Cost-Effective Pricing:

More affordable as they are used and open-box items.

Quality Assurance:

Thoroughly checked for reliability and safety.

Customer Support:

Excellent service and support in selecting the right sling.

What are Patient Lift Slings?

Patient lift slings are essential medical accessories designed for safely and comfortably transferring patients with limited mobility. They are used in conjunction with patient lifts to provide support and ease the process of moving patients from beds, chairs, or wheelchairs.

Durable Material:

Crafted from high-quality, strong fabrics for safety and longevity.

Comfort Design:

Ergonomically designed for maximum patient comfort during transfers.

Variety of Sizes and Styles:

Available in various sizes and styles to meet different needs.

Easy to Use:

Simple to attach and detach from patient lifts.

Safety Features:

Includes reinforced stitching and non-slip surfaces for extra safety.